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七年级英语作文 篇1
  Friendship is a kind of human relations. It is a human instinct to make friends.When in trouble, we need friends to offer us help, support and encouragement. With success achieved, we also need friends to share our joys.
  Friendship is also one of the greatest pleasures that we can enjoy. It implies loyalty, cordiality, sympathy, affection,and readiness to help. No man can make the most of his life without carefully and conscientiously striving to win the right kind of friends as he goes along.
  Knowing how valuable friendship is, we should be very careful in making friends. Real friends are those who have good character, superior ability and kindness of heart. Real friends can share all our sorrows and double all our joys.While making friends, we should take care to select those who have such fine qualities. Then we should treat our friends with courtesy, be careful not to interfere unreasonably with them,and not to ridicule their proceedings. We should forgive their failures and do our best to help them. In short, when we have established friendship, we ought to cherish and treasure it by means of words and deeds. Only thus, can we develop real friendship and keep the sacred lamp of friendship burning all our life.
七年级英语作文 篇2
  It was a sunny Sunday,my father and I went on an excursion.We took a bus and walked along the river.There's really a beautiful place!We walked beneath the deep bule sky and breathed the fresh air.And we climbed up the mountain,admired the beautiful sunlight brighten the land.
  At noon,my father and I went to a restaurant which is my favourite and had a good lunch.We were so tired that we aet a lot.After a big meal,we went home by bus.The surroundings were beautiful,but I fell asleep after I got on the bus.What's pity!
  This is a happy and funny Sunday.
七年级英语作文 篇3
  There is a park near my home.There are a lot of beautiful trees,flowers and birds in the park.So many people go to the park to enjoy their weekends.They like walking or having a picnic in the park.But I like flying a kite with my sisiter there. 我家附近有一个公园。哪里有很多美丽的树、花和小鸟。所以很多人都喜欢到那里去度周末。他们喜欢在公园里散步或是野餐.但是我喜欢和我姐姐在那里放风筝。
  I have a small bedroom.There are only a small bed,a small desk and a small chair in the room.And there is a beautiful doll on my blue bed.Everyday I do my homework,read books and play games with the doll in my bedroom.It is small,but it gives me much happiness. 我有一间小小的卧室。那里有一张小小的床、小小桌子和一把小小的椅子。而且还有一个漂亮的娃娃在我那张蓝色的小床上。我每天都在房间里写作业,看书和与我的娃娃玩。虽然房间很小,但是他给了我很多欢乐。
  My father
  My father is a tall and handsome man.He is a policeman. Everyday he comes back home very late,because he must help the others.He doesn't have time to examine my homework and take me to the park.But I like my father,because he is a good policeman. 我的爸爸是一个高大帅气的男人。他是一个警察。他每天都很晚才回家,因为他要帮助其他的人。他没有时间给我检查作业和带我去公园。但是我仍然很喜欢我的爸爸,因为他是一个好警察。
  I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. I can play kite, too. In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never snow.
  Today is my grandpa's birthday. Our family went back to my grandpa's home in the morning. We got together to have a big family dinner to celebrate his birthady. We bought a big birthday cake and gave some presents to my grandpa.
  In the afternoon, we went to the park to go boating. We had a good time. My grandpa had a nice time on his birthday.
  Mr.Knott is a teacher. He is at home. The telephone rings. Heanswers the phone.He says,“Hello.This is 82654379. Who's that”“Watt” a man answers.“watt's your name,please”says Mr.Knott is angry.“Watt's my name!”the other man is angey,too. knott先生是一名教师。他是在家中。电话响了。他回答接起电话,说,“ 你好,这是82654379 。你是谁? ”“瓦特”一个男人答道 。“请问你的.名字是什么? ”knott先生生气地说。“瓦特就是我的名字!”另一名男子是也生气了。
  A farmer has five sons.They are Ted,Bob,Tom,John and Bill. John has no elder brother. He was four years older when his first younger brother was born. The number of Toms elder brothers is equal to his younger brothers. Bill will be twenty-one years old next year, and he is five years older than Bob. Bob is two years younger than Tom. Ted was sad because he has no younger brother. There are twelve years between him and John. 一个农民有5个儿子。他们是Ted,Bob,Tom,John 和 Bill。John没有比他大的哥哥,他比第一个出生的比他小的那个弟弟大4岁,Tom哥哥的数量和他的弟弟的数量是一样的(就是他是老三)Bill 明年就21岁了,他比Bob大5岁,比Tom小2岁,Ted因为没有弟弟而难过 Ted 和John之间差了12岁
  On My Way to School
  Today I got up very early in the morning. After I finished breakfast, I went to school. On my way to school I saw something lying on the ground. I picked it up and found it was a mobile phone. I was afraid I would be late for school. I had no time to wait for the owner. So I gave it to the policeman.
  Shortly after I reached my school, the headmaster came to my class and praised me in front of the class. How could he
  knew all about itI guess it must be the policeman who told him what I did.
  I am very happy that I have done a good job. 就我在上学的路上
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