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  Forrest Gump, an inspirational movie, a touching story. At the beginning of the film using the technique which tell the story, composed of a feather, it fly in the wind, across the car, landed on someones shoulder and gives the final stop in Forrest Gump feet, was he came into the book. The film begins...
  Forrest Gump who is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ and the muscle problem, usually, people always think this kind of person cant be successful in doing anything. But, instead, this unlucky man has achieved lots of incredible success; he is a football star, a war hero, and later a millionaire! Running forward is a kind of spirit, in the face of fate, he never worry about their own IQ only 75, he has done, focus, just do the best he can do. This is also we must learn from him, we should do things to look forward and focus on the things we can do, rather than put it in our abilitys reach. Only in this way can we accomplish more. And we have too much advantage for Forrest Gump, thus we should be more easily than his achievement.
  This is a great, successful movie, it is worst to watch. We should learn Forrest Gump’s optimistic life attitude. We should try us best to do everything we can do, it’s enough.
  Mr. A Gan has his own perseverance, keeping on running without of any reason, JUST RUNS. He said: “Man has t look forward, and never encumbered by foretime. I thank thats the meaning of my running.” Say goodbye to foretime and dont stay in-place. Although so many people in the world are used to follow others and few people can stick to one thing, Mr. A Gan does and becomes “GOD”. There is another character Captain Dan. Dan lost his legs in Vietnarm War. He said that his fate is death in war. However, Mr. A Gan saved him and let him be alive.
  After losing legs, Dan was decadent and disgusted with life, complaining that A Gan shouldnt save him. When he adjusted his mind, living on fishing with A Gan, he started to enjoy the wonderful life and thank A Gans help. The movie is intended to tell people that life is wonderful by this character. Rainbow is always after cloud. The key point is that whether we have a good mind and an opportunity to ourselves to change bad situation. The movie is also sent such a message to us: do well what we should do, and life will return us well. There will be a miracle if only there is perseverance.
  The film “Forrest Gump” is a story of a simple man ,Gump , who was unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ-75 , meanwhile he has a muscle problem. Most of us would think he can’t be successful in his life .But , instead , Gump rose above his challenges , he was a football star , a war hero , and later a millionaire . He proved himself with his determination , courage and love .
  In the film , Gump is almost a representative of all the virtues : honesty and trustworthiness , serious work , courage fearless . But Jennifer , Gump’s best friend , is a symbol of degradation , She has been infected with almost all of the bad habits . But Gump always loved her . This also reflects his innocence and goodness .
  Gump’s mother was a vivid character who was always philosophical and considerate . I still remember her words :“Life was like a box of chocolates , you never know what you are gonna get”. I consider that this means everyday is a mystery , you never know what the next day is , happy or sad , but you are supposed to be optimistic to everyday.
  At the end of the film it reads :“But I tell you , friends , Sometimes at night , I look up to the stars ,then see the whole sky on the laid there , I do not think I remember nothing . I still have a dream , like everyone else , I would occasionally think of another situation in life , like son , And then , blink of an eye , I have forty , fifty , six-year-old , you understand , right ?”
  I believe that here , everyone’s sense of fear that will not be reduced , but at the same time we also feel a sense of detachment and great strength , although a number of issues have not be resolved , but they are now less important . Time is always circulating ruthlessly , it urged us not to let too much time fly under thinking .
  After watching the movie, as we can see ,the film shows kindness, thankness and honest. Forrest Gump who is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ and the muscle problem. In all his childhood ,otherboys look down upon him and often laugh at him.but his mother regards him as a normal child and tells him that he is the same as the other boys. on the contrary ,he leads his life in his own ways and never complains anything and never gives up. because of this,he gets surprising upshots every time。
  Joseph Natoli once said: "This is a satire of secular behavior to show the audience such a Gump character ."From the movie we can see,In all his childhood,otherboys look down upon him and often laugh at him. Because of his lower IQ. Obviously, there are many normal people in society.we cannot be look down upon by others and Hurt someones heart. What’s more, someone own conditions is almost always better than Gump’s, But they did not make good use of its own conditions and they will not succeed. This makes us feel deeply ashamed.He is very honest and hardworking .The film was passed to a intellectual disturbance person the description of life has reflected every aspect of U.S.A.s life, important incident of social political life make and represent to these decades such as U.S.A. from one unique angle.
  I am very agree with the philosophy of Gump’s behavior. He is honest , brave and kind-hearted. Personally , I admire him for these outstanding qualities. And I think Success at anything takes work. When you hear about an overnight success story, don’t forget about all of the work that came before. You may have to do work you do not enjoy and trudge through the trenches of planning, building, refining, moving up, out, over and redefining before you get to the place where success clicks. And we should be upbeat and hopeful .Finally ,Slow down and take one thing at a time, one day at a time.
  Some people think this movie rewrote USA history fraudulently. In my view, Forrest Gump is the most representative movie about American dream rather than one that rewrite the history of the United States. The film was passed to a intellectual disturbance person the description of life has reflected every aspect of U.S.A.s life, important incident of social political life make and represent to these decades such as U.S.A. from one unique angle.
  What an amazing and moving story. This movie teaches me so much about life and the meaning of it. That life isnt as bad as most people feel. Forrest Gump, the innocent man can impact so many lives with his innocence. The meaning of the movie to me is that everyone needs to have a better outlook on life. That we need to appreciate more of the little things and not let the big things hold us back.
  As his mother said, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get
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