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《雾都孤儿》英文版读后感 400字

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 《雾都孤儿》英文版读后感 400字1
  Oliver Twist is a very famous novel written by Dickens, a famous British writer.
  Oliver, an orphan, grew up in a poorhouse and has been discriminated against. He escaped to London because he could not bear to be abused. He went into a den of thieves by mistake and was scolded and beaten. I dont know how much he suffered in the process of growing up. Although growing up in such an environment, he has a kind heart. No matter how much he suffers, his determination to do bad things is the biggest. He is blessed and will never forget to thank his benefactor. But the people in the bandit group still did not let him go, and his half brother also wanted to kill him. Olivers fate is tragic, but he was helped by good people to find out his life experience and obtain the heritage. Finally, his fate has been changed and he is expected to become a useful person to the society.
  We should also learn from the kind-hearted Brownlow, who helped Oliver with his helping hand. Because of his kindness, Oliver Twist was saved. He made the world lose a bad man and a good man, and kept Oliver away from the dirty world.
  In a word, the whole novel is full of twists and turns, which makes people sigh for Oliver Twists life experience, angry for the mean man, moved by the kind Brownlow, and happy for Olivers rebirth. Since its publication more than 100 years ago, Oliver Twist has become a classic work loved by readers all over the world, and I am no exception. Because of this novel, I also began to know Dickens. His novel mainly reflects the bottom life of the British society, which has just passed the poverty relief law.
  《雾都孤儿》英文版读后感 400字2
  First of all, Im sorry that I havent read Dickenss novel. Ive read a tale of two cities. Its also a compressed version. I dont remember it. It is found that the biggest failure of middle school education is to pour the titles of these masterpieces to the students, but not to give them the possibility of reading. Over time, a lot of names and authors have been recorded, but none of the books have been read, and the interest of reading has been reduced. Of course, it has something to do with the students laziness. I am a very lazy person, and I dont like reading foreign novels very much. I always feel that the translated things are wrong again, distortion is the second, and mixed with the translators personal thoughts.
  This movie reminds me of a long time ago, probably in high school, watching "les miserables", are very realistic works. The tone of the movie is gray, the most common color, but it will never make people feel tired. Just like the most simple green brick and grey wall in ancient gardens, it cant compare with the red paint gate, but now we can see only the green brick and grey wall, and the red paint gate cant stand the time.
  One of the important reasons why I dont like reading foreign novels is that I cant remember the names of the characters, such as tonights Oliver Twist. Read "Oliver Twist", let me be the hero of this book - Oliver. At the same time, he felt disgust and regret for the street criminals in London in the 1830s. Oliver. Tweester was born in a workhouse. Poor boy was orphaned at birth. He was thrown into a world full of poverty and crime, starved, beaten and scolded, and no one ever loved him.
  《雾都孤儿》英文版读后感 400字3
  Orphans are children who have no parents, so they live in orphanages. Today, lets take a look at a book about orphans - Oliver Twist.
  The protagonist of this book is a poor orphan. His name is Oliver. His mother died as soon as he was born, so he was taken to the orphanage. But that orphanage is not a good place, because the director there is very bad to the orphans, the orphans hate him. The supervisor also apprenticed Olivier to the coffin shop. In the coffin shop, olifi was abused, so he fled to London. As a result, he was brought into the den by the thief "smart ghost" and was forced to embark on the ship. Fortunately, with the help of Mr. Brownlow and miss Ruth, olife successfully escaped from Fagin and others, and let the police turn over the den. Menx also tells about the life experience of olifi: menx and olifi are actually half brothers. However, olifis father had passed away, and his property was divided between his two sons. Since then, Olivier has lived with Mr. Brownlow.
  The author Dickens wrote "Oliver Twist" wonderfully, and the plot is also very dangerous, so it attracts the readers at once, and makes the readers mood change with the plot of the story.
  There is always a dark side to life. However, the light will always prevail over the dark, there will be countless "Mr. Brownlow" and "Miss Ruth" to help those in trouble. I also want to learn from them: try my best to help others, and always have a good heart.
  《雾都孤儿》英文版读后感 400字4
  Growing up in solitude and struggling in pain, this is Oliver Twist, an orphan in foggy city written by Charles Dickens.
  Oliver grew up in a workhouse. He never felt the warmth of his mothers love and family. He always lived in hell. At the age of nine, Mr. bumble sent him to the home of a mortician named sulbury as an assistant, but it was no better or worse than the workhouse, so Oliver could not bear the inhumane life and fled here, ready to go to the "fog city" - London.
  When he arrived in London, he met two evil doers, one was the robber Sikes, the other was the thief Fagin. Later Fagin wanted to train him to be a thief, because he became a thief, and the mystery of his life was also revealed.
  Olivers coming to London is not necessarily a good thing, but it must not be a bad thing. Because although he met Fagin, he also met many good people: Nancy, who is also good and evil, Mr. Brownlow, who is kind-hearted.
  This book describes an optimistic Oliver, no matter the orphans life or his lonely and painful childhood, he doesnt complain. And we have a warm family from birth to now, but every day is full of all kinds of complaints, we should be like him, "no complaints, no complaints".
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