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夏天英语作文 篇1
  The flower-scented spring girl is going to have a rest. The hot summer is coming to our side.
  In summer, summer mountain is like green, green wave layer. This is a good season to grow, if everybody came to the countryside, you will see many farmers uncle have braved the heat went to the fields, planting vegetables, fruits and flowers...
  The sun was like the fireball of an old boss, and the light shone on the man, and the dog stopped barking, and his often large tongue hid in the room for the cold. A line of white smoke comes out of the road where the hot sun is burning, and the foot steps down. The sun is too vicious to deal with us!
  When summer girl sadly, at once, the sunny weather has become a gray, the sky clouded over, only heard a loud noise, "flew off..." Suddenly there was a great storm, and the girl didn't know what was wrong and cried so badly.
  The rain stopped and the flowers and grass looked more delicate and bright. This summer rain, moistening the whole earth, washed the earth a comfortable bath.
  In summer, it is sultry, but it is full of energy and warmth!
夏天英语作文 篇2
  Once, I remember, only gray white. Those seem sound and temperature on the arrival here of the disappeared le. So I began to sleep, the memory of the summer back, has retreated piece of green sea, white shirt you start looming.
  What is not clear from the beginning, my room was isolated from reality. I looked dazed in the world, to see it in advance, the destruction, the collapse, totally unknown. Suddenly a burst of waves flock to me, not too far top moment. I gradually sinking in the sea. Surrounded by Bitou blue. Originally, the sea so deep, the water so blue, even past the tears are really put me drown.
  The temperature is a few degrees of the sun? I do not know. But I have been pursuing the kind of unknown temperature. Where is the sun? I lean down the red walls covered with ivy has to go, there is scattered light shot down, I was pleasantly surprised the hand, there is no temperature. So I move on, Phoenix flowers in the sea, off the memory of all the gorgeous color of the season. Suddenly those pictures began to clear a little.
  You wearing a white shirt standing in the shade and a little bit of green to climb up your face, a moment bright colors, that touch of the sun through the rest faint smile on the leaves, you quietly held out his hand, home bar.
  Fish grown in water shortage in oxygen, struggling a little bit, a little bit of suffocation. You use the kind of faint breath surrounded me. Since then, the association lost all about temperature. I am in the mist began to forget the past, those memories do not fade picture. All shadows left behind in the distant past time becomes foam, disappear in the sun.
夏天英语作文 篇3
  I love summer.There ia a summer vacation in summer.What I like to do best during the long summer vacation is to stay in my own little room and read. I love to read, but during the school year I could hardly find a free moment for reading. Endless assignments press down upon me like a mountain. I feel confined and imprisoned. Once the summer vacation comes, however, I have all the time in the world to read and read and read. I read everything I want to read. I read to my heart's content.
  I hate summer.In summer, the weather is hot, the air is humid, and the wind doesn't blow at all. In summer, everything seems tired——except the mosquito and the fly. They are everywhere. They bring diseases to people. No one likes to walk or work under the summer sun. Because the wicked sun will burn your skin. So the hot summer confines you to your room. Hot weather makes me drowsy and I can't study effectively. I hate summer. I wish it would go away quickly.
  All in all,summer is a season in every year.Of course,Ican adjust to summer.
夏天英语作文 篇4
  Do you know what I like? Summer vacation. I like it because I can go outside to play. If it rains, I can stay inside and play checkers. And this summer my family may go to Beijing, because we have not been there yet.
  Do you know what I don't like? I don't like homework during summer vacation. “This is so difficult,” I complain. But once I begin to do it, I always stop complaining. I just try to finish it quickly so I can have a good time for the next two months!
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