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美丽城市 A beautiful city

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Li Jiang, which is a small city in the Yunnan province, is one of the most beautiful cities where I have visited. Three years ago a friend and I take a short-time tour in Li Jiang city for about five days, in fact, we spent quite lots of time on the way because Li Jiang is far away from our hometown, however, we took a train there in order to enjoy the nice scenes along the route. That decision finally turned out to be worthy, the high mountains and cloudy between the mountains impressed us deeply, all these landscapes are quite different from those of my hometown. The famous view spot in Li Jiang is its Old Town. It is said that the treasurable aspect of its old town is that it is an alive ancient city. There I found that it is so natural and harmonious that people live in those ancient-style buildings, which seems that situation exists all the time and never takes any chances. My friend and I really value the city’s orderly system of waterways and bridges, we walked along the small river and took so many pictures on these bridges. We even wanted to live there for several months if the time and condition is allowed.
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    美丽城市 A beautiful city

    Li Jiang, which is a small city in the Yunnan province, is one of the most beautiful cities where I have visited. Three years ago a friend and I take a short-ti

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